man do i feel horrible for not uploading as much as i would have liked during the year.  the summer break approaches and i feel like i’m going to be drawing quite a bit.  gotta get rid of all this rust.  

a different kind of a pay

smart food

are you excited to finish high school

save our souls

zeeeebrafish ~!

am i sorry or am i sorry
life has been pretty strange lately so i’m sorry for the lack of content!  when things settle down, i will upload more borderlands and fun stuff right away!

readin’ books with a ghost!plato
(i know i said i was going to be active but things came up, i’m sorry!)

for one of my secret santa exchanges, i got a very nice set of watercolors so i decided to test them out by making some jellyfish!

holidays approaching

a very rough sketch as the result of a couple of rough days

winter approaches!  i’m actually more excited than this drawing is, even though i can hear my bank account weeping with bills and christmas shopping…. but! being on break means more opportunity to draw and i’m excited about that.